- Trace/Background Air Quality Monitoring Systems



Ecotech are specialists in the design, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of trace/background air quality monitoring stations. The analysers used in our trace systems are approved as trace monitoring analysers by the USEPA and are extensively used in USEPA NCore monitoring systems.

Our solutions are tailored made to meet the application’s requirements. For instance: A customer of ours requires a system in a warm environment, where power costs for air conditioning are a high percentage of operating costs.

Our solution:

  • Air conditioned shelters constructed using special insulated panels to minimise heat transfer reducing air conditioning costs
  • Instruments that require less power than alternative instruments
  • Instruments that can be operated over wide temperature ranges, allowing internal shelter temperatures to be higher and thus minimising air conditioning demand

The type of shelters to house our integrated systems are limitless. Typical shelters include:

  • Small compact (1.5mD x 1.2mW x 1.7mH)
  • Large fixed stations
  • 20ft shipping container stations
  • Cyclone proof stations
  • Relocatable caravan stations (moved from site to site)

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