- Model Eco Series - Food Waste Decomposition Systems


OnSite Waste Solutions provides innovative technology for organic waste reduction and conversion. We assist our clients in exceeding city, state, federal and their own corporate diversion goals. Our Zero Waste technology is designed for on site use. We provide a variety of processing capacities based on your requirements. From cafes and coffeehouses to any large commercial food operation, our EcoVim equipment can meet your food waste processing requirements.

The EcoVim Series of Food Waste Decomposition Systems:
Each unit is constructed of stainless steel and the decomposition chamber uses heat and mechanical agitation to break the food waste into smaller particles. The chamber has an oil jacket with substantial insulation and well sealed inlet and outlet doors so as to minimize energy consumption.

The system is equipped with an odor management device to control odors associated with the decomposition process. The utility requirements are an electrical source and a condensate line, no special venting or fresh water connections are required. The decomposing chamber is capable of producing 180° F during the processing to insure that the end product is essentially sterile and odor free.

The end by-products can be used as:

  1. soil amendment suitable for use in landscaping
  2. sterile water for landscaping or other recoverable use.

The system is capable of reducing the organic waste weight and volume by 83% to 93%. This will vary depending on the waste input.

  • Minimal Installation:
    • 220V 3-phase Electrical Source & Small Drain
    • No Fresh Water Plumbing, No Enzymes or Microbes Required
    • No Venting
    • Indoor/Outdoor (with cover) Placement
  • Controls and Eliminate Foul Odors
  • Reduces the Volume/Weight on-site by ~ 90%
  • Completes Processing Cycle in 6 to 20 hrs.
  • Minimal Energy Use
  • Space-Saving Footprint
  • Reuse By-Product and Reclaim Water
  • Reduces Carbon Footprint Due to Diversion
  • Reduces Methane Gases Produced in Landfills Due to Diversion

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