- Model 2400 - Greywater Recycling System


ECOVISION-2400 is the biggest model of the ECOVISION™ series. This greywater recycling system is designed to be installed mainly in multi-housing, hotels, resorts, workforces camps, detention centers, commercial centers, etc. It has a 2 400 liters (634 US Gallons) total storage capacity, and a greywater treatment capacity that can reach 19 200 liters (5 072 US Gallons) per day. These features allow it to meet the needs of a building that accomodate approximately 24 to 36 persons.

  • H2ZO patent pending water treatment process that generates a perfectly clear and odorless water.
  • AQUACARE patent pending monitoring system, ensures an efficient and safe operation of the system at any time. In case of problems, the system notifies you immediately, ceases collecting greywater and feeds the building with potable water.
  • Integrated digital water meter allows to easily get statistics on achieved water savings.
  • Fully managed by an electronic card.
  • Simple user interface allows easy interaction with the system.
  • Fully self-cleaning, no filters to clean or replace.
  • After a certain period without use, the system automatically goes into energy saving «Sleep Mode» and reactivates by itself.
  • In the event of a recycled greywater shortage, the system automatically feeds the buildings with potable water.
  • No action is neccesary in the event of a power failure.
  • Compliant to CSA B128.1.

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