Azienda Chimica Genovese (ACG)

- Model BRINE - Electrochlorination System


ACG produces ECOLCELL BRINE, a brine electrochlorination system using electrolysers with a capacity of 0.5 Kg / hour, 1 Kg / hour, 2 Kg / hour and 5 Kg / hour of chlorine equivalent in the standard version. ECOLCELL BRINE produces a stable sodium hypochlorite solution of average concentration between 0.5-0.8% in weight/volume, using commonly available raw materials such as salt, electricity and drinking water.

The system is characterised by dimensionally stable cells with a MMO [Mixed Metal Oxides] electrocatalytic coating that extend the lifetime of the electrolyser.

The bipolar cells are compacted and mounted pre-assembled and pre-cabled on skids. Everything is managed by an integrated control system with PLC, safety instruments and an alarm system to protect against damage caused by malfunctioning.

For higher capacities, the modular cells of the unit can be hydraulically connected in parallel and electrically connected in series until the required capacity is obtained (kg/hCl2).

An online water softener must be installed to reduce the decalcification frequency of the electrolysis cells and thus the system shut-down times. A refrigeration system of the brine dilution water eliminates post-cooling of the sodium hypochlorite.

Applications of ECOLCELL BRINE:

  • Municipal production of drinking water
  • Control of HVAC and cooling tower water
  • Waste water treatment
  • Hospitals - Sanitation and waste treatment
  • Hotels - Sanitation and waste treatment
  • Fishing and poultry breeding
  • Control of effluents, including waste water treatment
  • Various bleaching treatments.

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