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This is a derivative of the standard CREC DT cooler specifically designed for the cooling of data centres. The air is discharged through the side of the cooler and the attemperation is provided by a patented single damper on the top of the cooler. The CRST has a nominal output of 9,000m3/hr@130Pa external pressure. This is a lower output than the CRDT as it only has 3 sides available for cooling.

Control - A special control system has been designed for use with the CREC which is purchased in addition to the cooler. Each controller can manage up to 6 CRECs and is designed specifically to meet the requirements of each client. Based on a Schneider Crouzet PLC, the controller continually monitors key environmental parameters and then sets damper positions and fan speeds to control the temperature and optimise performance. All key sensors are duplicated and monitored and where refrigeration is used as a back-up this is automatically enabled in fault conditions. For more information on the CREC control system please visit our control section

Water Control - A patented water control system using a 4 probe system prevents excess water usage and ensures that the tank is drained completely to prevent the build-up of bacteria in the sump.

The CREC ST is classed as LOW risk with regards to Legionella but in line with health and safety regulations a full legionella risk assessment can be provided when the units are commissioned should this be required.
Availability - stocked item lead time 5-10 days.

Size - height 1192mm, length 1150mm width 1263mm
Volume - 1.3m3
Duct - it is normal to use 645mm square duct for the supply and return. The attemperation damper has a 30mm flange.
Weight - dry 60kg , operating 100kg
Cabinet - injection moulded from polypropylene, UV stabilised and corrosion free
Electrical requirement - 240v 50Hz. 12A start 8A running. An external isolator is fitted as standard.
Water requirement - mains water supply minimum 1 bar max 7 bar. Minimum supply 500L/hr
Flow Rate - nominally rated at 9,000m3hr @130Pa external pressure
Warranty - two years parts only warranty subject to the cooler being maintained by EcoCooling approved service engineers.

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