Eddynet Inc.

Eddynet Inc.

- Model PH32-08A - Front Mounted Hydraulic Sweeper



Own hydraulic unit, 16 gage hood covering 180° of the brush, The brush is driven by single hydraulic motor coupled directly to the core by a splined shaft, 32'Ø broom, polypropylene, wire or polypropylene/wire, Brush width: 8', Swing arm system allows the brush to follow ground variations, Pressure of the brush to the ground is adjustable by two springs, Brush is supported by two flange bearings, Anchor and lifting rings, 30° right / left hydraulic angle, 20hp Honda engine, Electric starter and 12 volts battery, 500 amperes and 20 amperes alternator, 30 gallons hydraulic tank and oil cooler, 15 gpm pump to supply the brush, 2 gpm pump for hydraulic angle, Oil level gage, Line diffuser, 10 microns filter, Remote control to start engine, sweep and angle, Hour meter, Epoxy primer and urethane paint, Weight.

  • Adjustable dirt deflector
  • Female quick attach for loader
  • Quick attach female
  • Quick attach male
  • Additional remote control
  • Quick connect for the remote control
  • Turbo-filter

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