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- Phytoremediation


The phytoremediation approach is making a difference in many industries. Learn more about Edenspace's products for plant remendiation, including the edenfern hyperaccumulator.

Soil and Groundwater Remediation

Edenspace has proven, exceptional capabilities in removing arsenic, lead, uranium, and other contaminants from soil and water, and in reducing migration and bioavailability of contaminants by using living plants. Our soil and water management systems use beneficial plants, like the edenfernTM Victory varieties of Pteris vittata and other Pteris ferns, as arsenic hyperaccumulators for phytoremediation.


With more than two dozen field projects completed or underway, Edenspace is a commercial leader in the use of plants as solar-powered sensors, covers, pumps, and filters. This exciting approach, called phytoremediation, offers substantially lower treatment costs as well as important environmental and aesthetic benefits.

The edenfernTM arsenic removal system has been developed to bring this approach to many applications. 

Edenfern Arsenic Remover

Edenspace currently offers a variety of products and services for environmental clean-up and protection. Whether used in a home garden or on a large section of crops for energy, edenfernTM plants can offer many benefits. 

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