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- Model CMS 600 - Constant Monitoring System



Pollutants like milk, wine and acids or alkaline products are water-soluble and can be extremely harmful to the environment. By monitoring the run-off from your site you can prevent the potential penalties associated with a spill of these products.


The Fox CMS600 system is designed to allow site run-off to flow to the stormwater network while providing a constant monitor of the quality of the run-off. If a predetermined level of contaminants is detected in the run-off, the system will divert the flow to a contaminant tank or similar and notify that a significant event has occurred.

Following detection the system continues to monitor the run-off quality. When the pollutant has been diverted the run-off will again be allowed to go to the stormwater system.

The Fox CMS600 system is especially suited for installation in wineries, milk depots and chemical plants. A Fox CMS600 system will monitor the runoff from a site and ensure that it is free from soluble pollutants. This system provides a means of detection, diversion and notification that a spill of soluble pollutant (milk, wine or other chemicals) has occurred.

  • Transfer of wine
  • Storing chemicals
  • Detection of milk product spills
  • Pollution control of open areas

Model : FOX CMS600

  • Flow Rate : 250 l/min @ 0.5m Head
  • Body : Gunmetal
  • Shafts : Stainless steel
  • Flange : Nylon
  • Diaphragm : Mitrile rubber
  • Gasket : Nitrile rubber
  • Size : 150 mm
  • CONTROL STATION : Fox programmable logic controller
  • POWER SUPPLY : 240 v AC 10 amp (by others)
  • DELAY JET : 1.5 brass cap jet
  • SILT & SOLIDS CON : 600x600
  • TROL GRATE : 600x600 galvanized medium or heavy
  • STANDARD DIVERSION CHAMBER : 600x600 opening

Model : CMS600

  • Body : Gunmetal
  • Internals : Gunmetal
  • Seals : Nitrile rubber / polyurethane
  • Max. inlet pressure : 1400 kpa
  • Size : Suits 25mm supply
  • Solenoid : 12v dc. 12mm N.C.
  • Proximity Switch : 12v dc Pepperl & Fuchs
  • CONTROL STATION : Fox programmable logic controller
  • SENSOR PROBE : 1 cm Dual Leg stainless steel
  • Drive Line : 12mm copper ( not supplied)
  • polyethylene silt basket : 9mm holes
  • PANEL BOX : galvanized or stainless steel
  • Opening : 740 waste invert, 280 storm invert

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