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Model EF-271 - Odor Control & Biological Digester



Earth First's specially formulated blend of natural digesters and odor control compounds provide quick and effective H2S control via bio-remediation. By attacking and killing sulfur producing bacterias found in raw sewage, septic/holding tanks, digesters and holding ponds, our product rapidly breaks down carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars and other complex organics. The microbes in our EF-271 product efficiently metabolize the organic materials resulting in reduced BOD (biological oxygen demand) and improved stability of the biological system.

  • Superior H2S Control
  • Effective Bio-remediation
  • Reduced BOD Levels
  • Reduced Solids Build-up
  • Safe & Easy to Apply


  • Septic Tanks:
    • Apply 1 gallon per 500 gallons for the first 2-4 weeks. Apply 1 gallon per month thereafter as a maintenance dosage.
  • Lagoons:
    • Add 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons based on flow. Direct addition to inlet basin is recommended. Maintenance at 0.5 gallons per 10,000 gallons daily based on flow.
  • Activated Sludge:
    • Plant Flow Rates & Product Application Rate:
      • 10,000-20,000 GPD - 1-Gallon per day
      • 20,000-50,000 GPD - 2-Gallons per day
      • 20,000-50,000 GPD - 4-Gallons per day
      • **For initial feed, apply product TWO times per day for one week.
  • Bio Solids:
    • Apply a 5% solution of EF-271 at a rate of 10-15 gallons per truckload or 30,000-40,000 LBS. of bio solids
Physical Properties
  • Physical State: Turbid, Medium viscosity liquid
  • Freezing Point: ND
  • Boiling Point: 213°F
  • Soluble in Water: Soluble
  • Appearance: Clear Foamy Solution
  • Color: Amber
  • Odor: Fruity/Slightly amine
  • Specific Gravity: 1.03
  • Evaporation Rate: Slow
  • pH: 10-11 approx.
  • Aquatic Toxicity: LC-50/96 Rainbow Trout: 5,000ppm

Handling & Stability

  • Handling: Keep lid on containers when not in use. Wipe up spills promptly. Keep off of skin and out of eyes. Use standard industrial good practices.
  • Storage: Keep lid on containers when not in use. Wipe up spills promptly.
  • Stability and Reactivity: Stable
  • Conditions of Instability: None
  • Incompatibility with Various Substances: Oxidizers, acids
  • Hazardous Decomposition Products: Oxides of Carbon, Nitrogen
  • Hazardous Polymerization: Cannot occur

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