Engineered Fiberglass Composites Inc

- Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester Palmer-Bowlus Flumes


EFC's high quality Palmer-Bowlus flumes are designed for use in the metering of liquids in pipelines and round bottom open channels. Corrosion resistant materials are used in the construction of these flumes to ensure long life. Molded one-piece construction generates high strength and rigidity. A smooth gelcoat finish is applied on the interior surface to reduce friction and debris build-up. Palmer-Bowlus Flumes are light weight (vs. other materials of construction) for ease of installation. Available in the permanent type, insert (or invert) type and exit (or cutback) type. Numerous optional equipment items are available for use with flow meter. Sizes available range from 4' through 48'. Fast delivery is available on most sizes.

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