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- Model P, 114/60/90 - Bi-Partite Gouge Auger


This bi-partite gouge auger distinguishes itself from other gouges by the cylindrical tapered cutting head at the bottom side of the gouge that, when the auger is pushed into the soil, cuts a cylinder shaped piece from the soil. As a result the auger does not need to be revolved around its axis after being inserted, as the other gouge augers need to be (less sensitive to torsion). The tapered cutting head also holds the sample better. For this auger roughly the same applications apply as for the ordinary steel gouge augers. This type of auger is particularly suitable for soil mapping because of its small diameter and the cylindrical cutting head.

  • Sampler body fixed with cutting ring
  • Push and pull out; no rotation required
  • Limited volume per sample; easy field mixing


  • Body chrome plated
  • Meant for depths < 60cm

  • Maximum sample depth 1 m
  • Product material iron, other material
  • Sample diameter 19 mm
  • Sample length 60 cm
  • Sample specification semi-disturbed
  • Package size 114 x 38 x 3 cm
  • Weight 1.66 kg

  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Archaeological soil research

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