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- Model 11.03.30 - Sounding Devices With Acoustic and Light Signal



The devices are provided with a probe, which is connected to a measuring tape with centimeter graduation. When the probe touches a conductive liquid, a clear acoustic and light signal is produced. If the cable is then lifted a little, the signal will stop. Determination of this point allows the user to read the depth directly from the measuring tape (accuracy: ± 0.5 cm).


The measuring tapes are available in several lengths, on a reel, with or without a frame.

Sounding apparatus with inversion switch and start-stop system

These sounding devices are equipped with an inversion switch and a two-pole connection with banana plugs. With the aid of a separately available cable (art. no.: this sounding device can be connected to a peristaltic pump with a start-stop system.

With the switch in the WATER position this sounding device works like any other.  A continuous tone and light signal indicate when the sensor is in the water.

If the switch is pushed into the AIR + SW(itch) position the signal is changed over. If the sensor is in the air, an interrupted waiting tone sounds. The light also flashes on and off. If the sensor is submerged under water again this waiting tone stops. The cable connection is also activated using the switch function.

Standards and directives

This sounding device is specially designed for use in the preliminary pumping (purging) of monitoring wells in accordance with:

  • The Dutch standard NEN 5744-2011 for the sampling of groundwater
  • The American standard EPA504-S95-504 low flow (minimal drawdown) groundwater sampling procedure
  • The international directive ISO 5667-11: 2009 sampling of groundwater (micro-purging section).

The purpose of this method of preliminary pumping is to limit the drop in water level such that the inflowing water draws many fewer soil particles into the filter pipe, resulting in much more accurate analyses. In the Netherlands the maximum drop is 50 cm. In the US it is 10-30 cm. The ISO standard does not define a drop.

  • Level sounder + light for mini and direct wells
  • Probe only 4.8 mm
  • Limited cable length 8 m


  • Round cable with 0.5 m markings
  • Use carpenters tape for above ground interpolation

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