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- Model 15.20 - Water Well Test Set



When a promising aquifer has been found, a pump  test lasting one hour and some simple water quality checks must be performed. This procedure greatly reduces the risk of a low yield and/or unsatisfactory water quality after construction. For this purpose one can use the set. The test set in fact belongs to the surveying set (15.01.SA) and provides sufficient information upon which to base decisions as to wether or not the aquifer can supply sufficient quantities and quality of water. The set consists of equipment for bringing up water, to determine the quantity of the aquifer: a test pump Jolly Jumper, rising pipes of various lengths, a sounding device with measuring tape to determine the height of the groundwater level and a bucket. A (ground-)water quality test set is also included in the set.

With the water quality test set field analyses of the samples are possible for: pH 0-14, nitrate, sulphite, ammonium, iron and fluoride. The analyses are executed using teststrips. The water test set comes complete with an electrical conductivity meter, registration papers and clear instructions for users. The complete test set for water wells can be transported in a steel box.

  • Less risk of low yield or unsatisfactory water quality.
  • Simple method of analysis.
  • Quick preliminary analysis results.

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