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- Model 900-1 - Portable Emissions Analyzer



The EiUK Rasi 900-1 is without any doubt the most complete portable combustion/emission analyser, available in the marketplace now days. It combines NDIR non dispersive infrared technology with electrochemical measurement cells to ensure high level of accuracy, extreme flexibility, and the highest standard of performance.

EiUK Rasi 900-1 Portable Emission Analyser feature an integrated superior gas cooler (Peltier cooler) and automatic water removal system suitable for long term measurement and  semi continuous emission monitoring.  The Modular Heated Head  with replaceable heated wool filter and heated sampling line provide the best condition to avoid mould formation and condensate while sampling gases.

Simultaneous measurement of 02, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, H2S or H2 by using specially selected electrochemical cells and NDIR non dispersive infrared technology for direct measurement of CO2 % CO% or PPM and un-burnt hydrocarbon (CxHy) both in % or  ppm level.

  • Simultaneous measurement of 9 gases
  • Electrochemical sensors for  O2, CO, NO, NO2 ,SO2, H2S and H2
  • NDIR Infrared technology for CO2%, CxHy and CO %
  • Integrated Gas Cooler
  • Automatic CO purging and fresh rinse
  • Automatic water condensate removal
  • Optional Heated Sampling Line and Heated Probe
  • Easy Data logging with testing programmes 
  • Large back light display with zoom function
  • Real Time data transfer to a PC/Notebook
  • Task oriented menu with easy programme recall
  • Gas Flow velocity and mass calculation
  • Measure Pressure, Draft, differential pressure, Temperature
  • Calculate all the combustions parameters
  • Emission reporting with variable O2 reference
  • Large selection of sampling probes
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • TÜV Approved 50379-1, 50379-2
  • Meet EPA CTM30-CTM34 method

  • Steel furnaces
  • Cold fired power plant
  • Motors
  • Emission official reporting
  • Lime and cement production

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