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- Biological Treatment Plants



The aim of the biological treatment stage is to purify the settled sewage by removing dissolved organic material and suspended solids by settled biological flocs and decomposition of the inorganic compounds as gas. 

The principal of biological treatment is iteration of   bio flocculation and mineralization processes and provide destruction of organic impurities .Thus cause the accelerate the natural reactions and provide the performance in safety environment.

The biological treatment can be divided into;

Aerobic treatment is a biological process, the principle of which is the use of free or dissolved oxygen by microorganisms (aerobes) in the degradation of organic wastes. 

Aerobic treatment has many advantages including: minimum odor when properly loaded and maintained; large biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) removals providing a good quality effluent; high rate treatment allowing smaller scale systems, e.g., less land required; the final discharge may contain dissolved oxygen which reduces the immediate oxygen demand on a receiving water; and the aerobic environment eliminates many pathogens present in agricultural wastes

Anaerobic  Treatment is a major category of biological treatment systems, referring to bacteria that operate optimally in the absence of oxygen 

Anaerobic digestion is a complex biochemical reaction carried out in a number of steps by several types of microorganisms that require little or no oxygen to live. During this process, a gas that is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, also referred to as biogas, is produced. The amount of gas produced varies with the amount of organic waste fed to the digester and temperature influences the rate of decomposition and gas production.

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