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- Model EDI - Electrodeionization Systems



Continuous Deionization (CDI) system is a new approach to elecrodeionization system (EDI) taking the place of conventional mixed bed technology with the important advantages it presents. None of the regeneration chemicals are needed. Hazardous wastes aren’t formed. Required water quality can be obtained with continuous operation and operation costs are decreased noticeably.

Electrodeionization is the only resistant EDI system which caters to various flow rates for modular designed industrial applications. Its usage is easy, secure and economical. Outrun water conductivity is higher than 16 Mohm.cm which means it’s lower than 0,06 microS/cm. By the help of this unit, it is easier to reach the environmental targets.

How does it work?

Electrodeionization removes the ions present in the process water by using ion exchanging resins but with an important difference: By the help of an electrical current passing across the bed, the pollutant ions continuously move towards the concentrate line from the feeding water, so that the water is purified and time, money and chemical loses caused by classical regeneration processes are prevented.

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