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EL3000A is an automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques, that takes advantage of today's latest technology to deliver reliability, performance and flexibility. The EL3000A is the one of the most compact autosampler on the market, with a near-to-zero requirement for bench space, while offering a top-class sample capacity. The sample rack can be removed for sample loading or preparation, or for storage elsewhere.


The EL3000A is available in the standard version with 121 positions for 2ml vials. The top of the range version EL3200A has 209 positions, while the entry-level version EL3100A has a 15 position fixed rack.

It can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market, because of flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured to serve up to two injectors in most supported GCs.

The self-aligning “plug and play” EL3000A mounts in seconds, without tools. It can be easily moved between GCs when workloads change, due to its easy positioning, repositioning and easy removal.

Easy to use: Just load the samples and run the analysis with no extra downtime. The new runall–samples mode makes the operation of sample processing even more simple and transparent.

Ellutia are one of the first to offer a GC liquid autosamplers with a large, fullcolor touch screen interface, providing easier system accessibility and usability. The touch screen eliminates drilldown, simplifying instrument control for both novices and experienced users.
The EL3000A is the fastest liquid autosampler available on the market: injection is performed in less than 100ms. Fast-injection technology ensures the best possible peak shape, while maximising the accuracy of your results.

The greater solvent capacity means longer unattended operations. The autosampler supports the use of six solvent vials of 10ml each, giving a total capacity of 60ml.

Furthermore, advantage can be taken of the double wash step capability: as pre- and post-wash solvent in addition to A, B… F solvents you can also choose for a combination of A+B, A+C…. F+E solvents for superior analytical performance (carryover adverse!).

EL3000A handles the most sophisticated sampling techniques. Parameters are easily programmable to optimise both the most convenient sampling methods for both extremely volatile or viscous samples and the best injection technique. Variable needle depths allow you to samples to be taken from anywhere within the vial, thus performing extractions directly from the vial.

From small-volume injection to large-volume injection and multiphase sampling, EL3000A can help to process samples more quickly and to access better data. It can also mount different types of syringes, with volumes from 0.5 to 100µl. EL3000A offers syringe illumination to always keep the sample under control, in order to check against air bubbles in method validations.

The rotating tower leaves the injector port free for manual injection or maintenance. In addition to avoiding any complicated sample vial transfer procedures, this approach keeps the samples away from any heated source. In fact, the sample rack is mounted away from the GC oven to prevent exposure to high temperatures which could cause degradation or condensation in the sample vial.

  • Automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques
  • Near-to-zero requirement for bench space
  • Sample rack can be removed for sample loading or preparation
  • Full-colour touch screen interface
  • Space for 121 samples
  • Fastest liquid autosampler available on the market

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