- Power+ Generator - Waste Heat To Power Generation System

ElectraTherm's Power+ Generator converts low temperature water flows (between 170°F/77°C and 252°F/122°C) into fuel-free, emission free power. The Power+ Generator output range is from 30-110kWe, based on temperatures and flows. The machine has low input requirements for its hot water supply relative to other ORC systems. The Power+ Generator's ability to utilize these low temperature water flows allows its implementation in a rapidly expanding number of distributed heat to power applications. The small footprint, skid-mounted design facilitates ease of installation often where current methodologies for heat to power  solutions  are not feasible.

The Green Machine is  scalable to each heat source, allowing connection of multiple Green Machines  to a single heat source if enough energy is provided. The Green Machine employs a  robust design and the majority of machine components are readily available. Routine maintenance is easy, and with basic ElectraTherm training, technicians with an HVAC and mechanical background can handle required maintenance.

Additionally, The Green Machine’s control system is fully automated, allowing remote control, remote monitoring and off site maintenance.


TwinScrewExpander.jpgElectraTherm’s Green Machine uses a twin screw expander for its power block. The twin screw design is simple and robust. The operating speed of the Green Machine is low, and does not require a gearbox. The twin screw can also run in a “wet” condition meaning the refrigerant does not have to be 100% superheated vapor. This is an advantage over traditional turbine-based expansion devices

In locations with electricity rates greater than $US .10, a Green Machine can present an attractive return on investment to an end user. In certain geographies and applications, federal, state or even utility incentives may apply.  These incentives further accelerate the return on investment.

Additional Advantages of the Green Machine:

  • Dry cooling option results in zero water consumption for condensing.
  • Fully automated controls system with remote access capability via an internet connection.
  • NEMA 3R enclosure.Potential to reduce onsite power consumption from the grid.
  • The Green Machine removes heat from existing heat streams. Further monetary savings can be realized by the reduction of power previously used to cool the heat stream.
  • The lubricating oil for the Green Machine is in the working fluid (refrigerant).
    • This is much simpler than competing technologies which need complex lubrication systems with filters, pumps, oil separators, coolers, etc.
    • The integrated lubrication will also yield lower maintenance costs.
  • The Green Machine has a high dynamic output range with a 3:1 turn down ratio.  This allows the Green Machine to stay operating over a wide variety of unforeseen and dynamically changing site conditions, maximizing the machines up-time.

Heat Sources that the ElectraTherm Green Machine Accepts:

ElectraTherm's Green Machine is designed primarily to capture waste heat from liquid heat supplies, but can be adapted to numerous types of heat streams.  Boilers, Stationary Engines, Solar Thermal and Geothermal resources typically have a hot liquid resource available for use with the Green Machine.  There are applications where waste heat is available, but not with a liquid heat source (i.e. exhaust stacks).  In these applications, a hot water loop and a heat exchanger will need to be provided to transfer the available exhaust waste heat into the hot water loop for use in the Green Machine.


Stationary Engines

GCGE_IC_Engine.jpgElectraTherm technology captures the waste heat produced from internal combustion engines. Using the waste heat available in the engine jacket hot water, engine exhaust or a combination of both, the Green Machine captures the waste heat and converts it into electricity. ElectraTherm’s technology can be applied to stationary internal combustion engines used for gas compression, pumping, power generation, combined heat and power generation and irrigation.



Biomass.jpgElectraTherm technology captures waste heat from biomass to create electrical power. Typical Biomass applications involve the incineration of the biomass material to create the thermal heat for a boiler system.  The Green Machine connects to the hot water from the biomass system's boiler to produce fuel free, emission free power. Heat sources on a biomass application include bio-based fuels, landfill waste and wood chips boilers. Optimal configurations combine the thermal output value (district heat) with high value on-site electrical production.


ElectraTherm technology captures waste heat from biogas-fed electrical generators to create additional electrical power. The Green Machine, connecting to the biogas engine jacket hot water, engine exhaust or a combination of both, captures the waste heat and converts it into electricity. Biogas combined heat and power installations use the remaining heat in the engine jacket water to heat the anaerobic digesters creating the biogas, as well as supplying heat for buildings.  Biogas applications are commonly used in areas where agricultural waste from farming and livestock is available, in addition to landfills.


Boilers or Process Waste Heat

Heat losses are unavoidable when operating fuel-fired furnaces, kilns, boilers, ovens or dryers. When the energy or heat transfer reaches its practical limit on industrial processes, spent combustion gases are removed from the furnace via a flue or stack to make room for a fresh charge of hotter combustion gases. In most fuel-fired heating systems, this waste heat is the biggest single energy loss in the process, often greater than all other losses combined. By converting this waste heat into a hot water stream through the use of exhaust gas heat exchangers, an ElectraTherm Green machine can convert this heat into usable power or electricity.  Industrial processes that produce waste heat include thermal oxidizers, steam, steam condensate, incinerators and fuel cells.


Solar Thermal

Solar_Thermal.jpgElectraTherm's Green Machine can connect to existing processes of a solar thermal farm to generate additional power. Typical solar farms provide a hot water flow that can be used for combined power and heating loads.  The Green Machine converts low temperature liquid heat from the solar thermal application into emission free power. Depending on the specific solar thermal application, the Green Machine can be implemented in a bottoming cycle, using the direct hot liquid, or steam condensate.

Geothermal/Oil & Gas

Until recently, small-scale, geothermal power generation has been inhibited by the relatively high cost of power plants. Geothermal power plant development has focused on units in the multi-megawatt range, while ignoring smaller heat sources.These smaller heat sources can be a great fit for smaller scale geothermal power generation using ElectraTherm Green Machines.  Depending on the heat source available, the Green Machine can be connected directly using the hot liquid, steam condensate, or as a bottoming cycle of another process. The majority of the geothermal resources are generally lower temperatures (less than 210°F/100°C), and the Green Machine can operate at resource temperatures as low as 190°F/88°C.

ElectraTherm's emission-free power systems have been recognized by the Geothermal Energy Association and the Geothermal Resource Council as an innovative, low-cost solution for geothermal applications. The U.S. Geological Survey has identified over 120,000MWt of geothermal potential not yet tapped.

ElectraTherm combines traditional components with patented expander technology to create electricity from waste heat. The Green Machine operates in a closed-loop Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Similar to a conventional steam engine that boils water into steam to produce mechanical work, an ORC uses low grade heat to boil a working fluid into gas.


ElectraTherm's Technology

  • Low temperature heat requirements
  • Low operation & maintenance requirements
  • Fuel-free, emission-free
  • No Combustion
  • Modular


ElectraTherm's Twin Screw Expander

ElectraTherm’s twin screw expander offers distinct advantages for small-scale ORCs. These advantages include:

  • Simple & robust design
  • Low speed operation
  • No gear box or oil pump
  • Competitive cost
  • Proven technology

Electricity generation from cooling. THIS IS SMART POWER

ElectraTherm's Green Machine can utilize waste heat from stationary engines, compressed gas and other sources in natural gas processing plants to realize significant cost savings and emission offsets. This new approach to gas cooling generates electricity while simultaneously reducing existing cooling loads.

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