Electric H2O, Inc.

- Model BF Series - Factory Direct Bag Filters


The Electric H2O BF Series Bag Filter remove suspended particulate from water and other process applications. Contaminants such as pipe scale, grit, waxes, metal chips, rust and airborne debris from many sources are removed in a consistent, proven manner. Electric H2O offers a variety of bags designed to remove particles from 0.35 to 800 microns. Optional features include a system-matched pump, motor, PLC control, bag change out alarm, instrumentation and piping.

  • Chemical and Cosmetic Processing
  • Coating, Ink and Paper Operations
  • Cooling Tower Water
  • Food Processing
  • HVAC Water for Condenser Protection
  • Metal Processing
  • Photographic Solutions and Solvents
  • Prefiltration for Reverse Osmosis
  • Polishing Filters
  • Process Water
  • Ultrasonic and Chemical Cleaning
  • Wastewater Treatment

For applications with high flowrates or high dirt loads requiring more filtering surface area, choose a housing holding multiple bags. These multiple-bag filters are available in carbon steel or 304 stainless steel.

Standard quick-opening swing bolt closures are designed for a maximum pressure of 150 psi. The ASME 'U' code stamp is available as an option.

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