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Electric Riding Mower Safety


Electric riding mower safety is the highest priority with MEAN GREEN MOWERS. With the use of the latest electronic technology, MEAN GREEN MOWERS are capable of offering added safety features compared to most any other zero turn mower. The primary safety feature is derived from the very design of the mower. MEAN GREEN MOWERS were built with a very low center of gravity and precise longitudinal balance. This provides exceptional stabilty and maneuverability which, in turn, greatly reduces the chance of roll-overs and other control related accidents. The quality suspension seat on MEAN GREEN MOWERS houses another great safety feature. The mower will not move and the blades will not be able to spin unless the operator is firmly seated in the seat. Within 1.5 seconds of the operator leaving the seat, the mower blades will immediately stop and the mower will come to a stop and automatically apply the parking brake.

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