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Electrical Grade Woven Fiberglass Fabric



E-glass woven fabrics are the optimum solution for baghouse environments with working temperatures between 150- 260 ℃. e-PTFE membranes can also be applied to these fabric. Our Finished woven fiberglass bags are successfully used in Reverse air baghouse, shake baghouse and pulse jet baghouse.


  1. heating proof , it can work for a long time under 260℃.
  2. Good separating for powder, saving energy consumption .
  3. Steady size,non shrinking under proper temperature.
  4. Intensity high, obstruction more than 99% code thickness.

Industrials Applications:

  • Mineral Kilns
  • Power plant
  • Wast incinerators
  • Carbon black production
  • Refineries
  • Steel Mills

E-Glass Fiber Finished filter cloth specification:

Our Woven fiberglass finishments:

PGS finished: It consists blend of silicon oils, graphite & PTFE. The three finishes components combine to protect the glass fabric from abrasion, but offer only limited protection from chemical attack. the triple finish is now used primarily in cement production and metal foundry applications

PTFE finished: A ten percent add-on of PTFE particles encapsulates the glass fibers to prevent abrasion.Recommended for use with utility base load boilers operating under mild pH conditions.

Acid Resistent: Consists of acid resistant polymers,PTFE,graphite,and siliconeoils.Recommended for filteration of flue gases in industrial utility boilers and acid environments such as carbon black and fossil fuel burning power.

Triple finished: like dipforming with Slicone oils, graphite/PFTE The triple finish was one of the earliest finishes developed for filtration fabrics.

e-PTFE membranes: Coated with e-PTFE membranes
With the surface finished, it enjoys such characters as smooth, high temperature resistant .chemical corrosion repellent ,high tensile breaking strength ,easy to clean, etc.

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