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- Electrochlorination System


H2O provides the PEPCON Chlormaster® electrochlorination systems. PEPCON provides electrochlorination systems for more than 35 years and build up a long reference list of worldwide instralled installations. The range of Electrolyzers are designed for low-maintenance Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) production for on and offshore application. H2O PEPCON's scope of supply includes both concentric tube and parallel plate electrolyzer technology to form a range of systems to suit most applications. Additionally, they can also be supplied for non-hazardous and hazardous. The systems can be supplied for installation in both classified and unclassified areas installation. The are fully automated units manufactured to comply with clients unique specifications, applications, and globally recognized standards.

Electrochlorination is the process of producing a non-hazardous chlorine equivalent by the electrolysis of a brine/seawater solution to form a sodium hypochlorite solution. Sodium hypochlorite is an industry-standard oxidizing agent for an extensive list of applications, from marine biofouling control to potable water disinfection.

PEPCON electrochlorination provides continuous and prolonged operations in order to protect seawater systems from marine biofouling,

  • Proven technology for hypochlorite production
  • On site production of hypochlorite
  • No logistics with hazourdous chemicals
  • Low O&M costs

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