Delta NEU S.A.S.

Delta NEU S.A.S.

- Fume Extraction and Treatment Plant



Fume extraction and treatment plant especially suited to the filtration of spark machining fumes. Associates filtration by media (folded cartridge) with an adsorption process by DELTAZEOL (very fine powder which sets heavy metals and greasy steam). Flow: From 400 to 4 000 m3/h.


The Electrojet is equipped with filtration media (pleated cartridge type) coated with an adsorbent agent called Deltazeol. The Deltazeol of powder is an adsorbent agent, very fine powder, which has the property of selectively attaching and fixing the heavy metals and greasy fumes. It has a large adsorption capacity (1000 m2/g), which ensures a long operational life.

The Electrojet

The Electrojet is comprised of:

  • a main casing containing the filter elements and the fan unit needed to provide the extraction,
  • a Deltazeol injection system which coats the filter media,
  • an automatic reverse jet cleaning system for tbejilter media before the re-injection of the new Deltazeol (cleaning cycle is generally activated after 3 or 4 months),
  • a collection bin is provided for the used Deltazeol.

The Electrojet is equipped with an acoustic silencer.

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