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Electron Donor Solution

EDS-ER (electron donor solution – extended release) by Tersus Environmental is a soy based water mixable oil, not an oil-in-water emulsion, as is the current convention. There is no water within the formulation. The cost for shipping the electron donor to the project site is reduced by as much as 50%. The benefit to you and your client is that we offer a lower cost solution to help you close the site. The video shows how easily EDS-ER mixes with water. Many regulators have called our technology the “Greenest” emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) product on the market.

Unlike many emulsified vegetable oil (EVO) products, EDS-ER has a neutral pH and contains no preservatives. The benefit to you and your client is that you do not have to adjust the pH in the field and our formulation does not inhibit microbial growth. EDS-ER also has a lower viscosity than EVO products making it easier for you to inject, reducing your field time.

Over the last few years bioremediation practitioners have embraced the use of vegetable oil, which ferments and produces hydrogen, to support reductive dechlorination. Numerous products are available at various price points and they have varying amounts of fermentable products. EDS-ER contains no water (reduced shipping costs) and is 100% fermentable. The following table can help you compare EDS-ER to other EVO products. Hydrogen is what counts in enhanced reductive dechlorination projects. When compared to other EVO products, you have to buy less EDS-ER to get the same amount of hydrogen.

  • 100% fermentable – contains no water
  • Completely water mixable which minimizes the number of injection points for low permeability structures, reducing overall capital costs
  • Easily mixes with water for economical application
  • Controlled release of electron donors for up to five years
  • Food-grade carbon
  • Low total dissolved solids to comply with secondary water quality requirements for amendments with low salt content
  • Conforms to EPA's EPP (Environmentally Preferable Purchasing) and USDA biobased criteria
  • No operations and maintenance
  • Clean, low-cost, non-disruptive application (e.g., direct-push, wells and excavations)
  • Green sustainable chemistry, made from renewable crop-based oils
  • Low cost transportation when compared to other electron donors (not paying to ship water)
  • Long shelf life - shelf life unrefrigerated > 2 years
  • No product separation or freeze issues
  • Neutral pH, therefore, there is no need to adjust pH in the field

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