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Electronic Control Unit


At EKIONA Solar Lighting, we have developed a state-of-the-art electronic control unit (ECU) called KEN 04. This electronic control unit is responsible for overseeing all street light settings, a vital factor in the proper functioning of the above-cited solar lighting system. It manages the solar panel, battery and lighting settings in order for them to operate adequately and offer optimum results.

This ECU comes equipped with advanced electronic intensity control systems that rely on a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), allowing for optimal management of LED consumption relative to the battery charge. Using a control algorithm developed and perfected by our R&D and Innovation Department we have achieved complete control of the system.

Similarly, the KEN 04 electronic control unit can be personalized and presence detectors, twilight sensors, temperature sensors added on, as desired by the customer.

Thanks to the implementation of ZigBee protocol and a LOK 04 Integral Remote Management System currently being developed by our R&D and Innovation Department, we will be able to know in real time data related with lighting systems, battery charges, temperatures, intensity, and voltage, as well as introduce modifications in the lighting and programming settings required by customers.

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