Electronic Flow Rate Meter



The AAMS electronic flow rate meter is a device, which measures the flow rates of nozzles with the highest precision, which are mounted on any type of sprayer. It is made of durable components to guarantee a long life time and limited maintenance. The system is equipped with quick fit couplings, to which hoses with universal adapters can be fitted. The hoses will guide the liquid from the nozzles into the measuring glasses.

· The device is constructed for every even pair of nozzles (e.g. 14 for horticulture or vineyards, 16 for fruit growers and 20/24 for olives and citrus).
· Each measuring glass is equipped with electronic sensors that define the content with a precision of 0.25% (2L glasses and flow rate up to 6 L/min).
· Each measuring glass is opened and closed by an electronic valve, which is steered from the PC to avoid run-over of the measuring glasses.
· With optional software, a complete inspection report can be accomplished and printed.
· The adaptors are universal and will fit on all types of nozzle holders and caps. Adaptors for pneumatic nozzles are available optionally.
· A collection container is available optionally in order to collect the liquid sprayed.

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