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ELOFIL distinguishes through determined design, high quality manufacture and an efficient performance principle. By employing our patent pending modular system, small and large scale installations for most different applications can be realized quickly - while saving investment costs. The decisive advantage compared with other filtration methods.

  • Re-usable filter elements: 
    They have just to be cleaned and are immediately ready for operation, no secondary costs for filter materials arising. Further pros: high operational reliability and long life time; i.e. the filter elements require low maintenance.
  • Flow optimized design: 
    Despite of high exhaust capacity the fans consume very little energy. Therefore, operating costs are extremely low. ELOFIL electrostatic filters provide clean air at a reasonable price.

High efficiency, no waste of space

Air filtration systems work in an efficient and economic way if used as direct exhaust. The polluted air is caught as close to the emission source as possible and conducted directly to the air filter.

ELOFIL Electrostatic filters are built in such a way that there is no limitation as to the choice of location. Thanks to their compact design the units can be installed directly on top of the machines. The cleaned air is then led back to the production hall. This saves costs as well in air conditioning.

  • Short circuit-resistant HV-generator:
    In every electrostatic filter short circuits can occur due to technical reasons. In case of short circuits the HV-transformer has to resist high loads. With conventional units this results in most cases in the destruction of the modular elements. Not with ELOFIL: this electrostatic filter is equipped with a electronically controlled HV-generator.
  • Very robust collectors/ionisers:
    To meet the standards of the industrial day-to-day routine, all ELOFIL Electrofilters feature collectors/ionisiers made of strong Aluminium. These components can be treated even rough without bending or getting destroyed.
  • Amplification through modular design:
    The units can be adapted to modified application or higher machine efficiency without additional costs. You can always go on using the machine you once purchased.
  • Separate control unit:
    All machine functions are controlled and monitored via a separate control unit (serial equipment). This makes ELOFIL work from the place of best efficiency, operating is done from the most suitable place ergonomically.
  • Highest efficiency through double ionization:
    electrostatic filters charge especially many pollutant particles through double ionization and DODRA (pat.pend.) technology.
  • Compliance with regulations:
    With ELOFIL you can easily comply with the regulations of the safety authority concerning MAC-values.
Safety, guaranteed.

All units of the ELOFIL series comply with the valid accident prevention and safety regulations. Because ELOFIL electrostatic filters work with positive high voltage. No significant amount of ozone is produced.

The units have been constructed in compliance with the valid German VDMA- regulations. ELOFIL electrostatic filters comply with regulations EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-2 (EMC-regulation, the units have been tested entirely!). The conformity with these regulations has been confirmed by the TÜV Rheinland.

The ELOFIL® series efficiently ensures clean air with all its benefits: 
  1. Protection of your machines: Your machines will be protected against a dirt-film of smoke and cooling agent mist thus reducing considerably maintenance and repair works. Trouble-free operation is guaranteed as the machines can work under full load. This results in a considerable increase in production and product quality.
  2. Protection of your production facilities: Premature contamination and ageing of your production halls will be avoided thus minimizing renovation and cleaning costs.
  3. Protection of your staff: reduced risk of accident and fire hazard as there is no dirt-film anymore and small fires cannot spread easily. Your staff will be protected from health damages.
  4. Protection from high overhead expenses: expensive heating energy will be saved as the cleaned air can remain in the factory building thus reducing overhead expenses considerably.

Upper row (f. l. t. r.): ELOFIL applied to a vertical lathe, the unit adapts easily to the machine and is easily accessible. • ELOFIL applied for group suction: the unit has been attached to the wall via a bracket and exhausts from three lathes via duct. • ELOFIL accurately fitting: the unit is flexible in design and installation. In this case the electrostatic filters have been fixed onto the control cabinets.

Lower row: A special case: Several large emission sources are exhausted with one unit only; advantage: oil and emulsion are extracted and separately returned to the cooling circuits. • Easy realization of large-scale applications with ELOFIL: suction in a foundry. • ELOFIL adapts itself: Even with small space situations and big requirements (several machines shall be exhausted centrally), we find a solution. Here: Suction of spindle lathes in different rooms.

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