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- Model ITScl 1.0 - Temperature Meters



ITScl 1.0 is a microprocessor device used to measure temperature in closed areas. ITSlc 1.0 can operate as an independent device which measures temperature and stores data in its memory or it can be integrated into a remote data storing system.

Temperature measurer's ITScl 1.0 features:

  • LCD indicator cyclically displays: instant temperature, date and time, set temperature boundaries and etc.
  • real-time measurements transfer via connection line;
  • power loss fixation and storing in memory;
  • temperature measurements integration by set time periods and their storing in memory;
  • all stored data can be read out via connection interface;
  • temperature boundaries setting, when they are exceeded, a LED indicator lights up in the panel;
  • on power disconnection, measurer starts to operate in power saving mode and measures the temperature for next 24 hours;
  • on power disconnection, stored memory is not erased;
  • multiple temperature measurers can be connected to a one current loop line;
  • multiple electricity meters and temperature measurers can be connected to a one current loop line.

  • Power supply voltage : 12 V
  • Potential temperature measuring error : up to 0,5 0C
  • Connection interface : Current loop
  • Maximum connection line (two wired) length : 2 km
  • Connection line data transfer speed : 4800 bps
  • Stored number of power loss : 33 records
  • Operating temperature : -25...+65 0C
  • Storing temperature : -45...+70 0C
  • Dimensions : 85x40x81 mm

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