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- Model MCL 5.8 - Modem (Controller)



MCL 5.8 modem (controller) is applied in smart metering systems (electricity, gas, water, heat or other utilities) and automated data reading systems. It is suitable for connection to external systems.


GSM network CSD/GPRS technologies, transparent or TCP/IP protocols are used for data transfer into a remote data center.

20 mA 'Current Loop' or RS485 interfaces are used for data read out, RS232 - for parameterization of the device. Modem is applied into data exchange systems where 'pear to pear' architecture is used.

The device has a passive current loop interface (CLin) for a connection of external systems.

The device has an internal battery. On the event of electricity disappearance in the object, the event message is being generated and sent to the data centre. Modem supports various manufacturer's meters.

  • Power supply input voltage range (50/60Hz) : 90...264 V
  • Power consumption:
    • maximum in transmission mode: < 2,5 W
    • average in duty mode: < 1,7 W
  • Open circuit voltage of interface  „20 mA current loop' : 13...15 V
  • Circuit current of interface  „20 mA current loop' : 18...20 mA
  • Meter-controller net baud rate : 1200...9600 Baud
  • PC-controller net baud rate via RS232 interface, 8N1 bytes : 1200...9600 Baud
  • Number of meters connected to 20 mA current loop interface (depending on a distance and type of wires)  : 1...3
  • Number of meters connected to RS485 interface : 1...32
  • Recommended maximum length of current loop / RS485 interface line : 30 m
  • Number of simultaneous communication sessions GSM/CSD/GPRS : 1
  • Internal battery „call-waiting' operating time, min (at +25 оС)* : 5 h
  • Internal battery full charge duration* : 3 h
  • Number of charge/discharge cycles of internal battery* : 300

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