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- Model 1500 & 1800 - Round Bale Shredder



The ELHO Round Bale Shredder is designed particularly for chopping silage bales but can also chop grass, straw and hay bales. The machine has a PTO driven chopper rotor. The hydraulically driven inclined drum ensures the rotation of the bale during the cutting operation. The smooth shape of the outlets results in an optimal distribution of the material.

The heavy sprocket drive between the hydraulic motor and the drum, together with the solid guide rollers ensure the even rotation of the drum, and so also the even distribution of the chopped bales. The rotation speed of the drum, and therefore also the distribution rate, can be hydraulically adjusted. For tractors, where it is required, an optional flow regulator can be supplied.

Loading the bales is simple with the optional loading device. This loading system (ELHO pat. pend.) operates in two stages:

  1. The loading arms grip the standing bale from each side.
  2. Then the arms swing the bale into the chopper (seefigure opposite)

This loading system is particularly well suited for silage bales, as it minimises the possibility of soil and dirt entering the chopper with the bale. The machine rests on the ground during the loading operation.

Optional Equipment

  • hydraulic loading grab with support frame
  • additional cylinder for loading grab – for bales >800 kg
  • wheel- and drawbar kit
  • oil flow regulator
  • cable remote control for outlet flaps
  • hydraulic remote control for outlet flaps
  • higher outblow tower (1m)
  • rubber extension for chute flap
  • PTO shaft with friction clutch/freewheel

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