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- Model CrossCut - Shredder/Feeder



When designing and constructing the CrossCut shredder/feeder the following criteria has been specifically highly ranked, it must be durable and well working, easy to use, have low maintenance and safe operation. The CrossCut is designed for feeding, bedding and shredding baled silage or straw and loose feed/bedding. The functions are controlled from the control unit in the tractors cabin, the loader and the floor elevator can also be controlled at the rear of the feeder. CrossCut cuts and distributes feed and straw from round- and square bales, silage and loose bedding/turf. The floor elevator has strong transverse ribs which safely moves, for example, heavy bales, even frozen, to the cutting rotor. When distributing silage the exhaust speed is reduced so that the feed does not end up in the boxes. The cutting can be intensified thanks to the tiltable draw bar which is standard equipment on the feeder.

  • Volume 3m³, round bales max. Ø 1.8m
  • Exhaust fan with 8 wings
  • Cutting knives - 50pcs
  • Inside body width - 1375mm
  • Tiltable draw bar as standard
  • Biggest width - 1995mm
  • Total length - 4170mm
  • 2-speed gear box with freewheel
  • Electric-hydraulic control
  • Recommended tractor size; ˃60kW
  • Weight - 2300kg

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