Elliptical Poly Water Tanks



Elliptical poly water tanks are a self-supporting unit that can store your drinking water, pesticides, fertilizers and more with little wear and tear. This will provide you with a tank that can not only safely store your potable water, but can also be transported to various locations.

In order to equip you with a tank that can handle both the elements inside the tank and outside conditions, these plastic elliptical tanks have been UV stabilized to resist damage from the sun during storing. They are also made in both a commercial and industrial grade.

Common uses of this tank include transport of fertilizers and water around farms to easy attend to crops and more. They can also be used on construction sites and in factory settings.


  • Translucent
  • Legs Securely Attached to the Tank
  • Molded-in Calibrations
  • High Resistance to Many Chemicals
  • Resin Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.1 and 3.2


  • Easy to Transport to Various Locations
  • Capable of Supporting Itself
  • Won't Tip Over in Transportation
  • Safely Stores Drinking Water and other Food Items
  • Can View the Water Level of the Tank
  • Carries Fertilizers and Pesticides Smoothly During Transport

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