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- Model W - Acoustic Groundwater Monitoring Loggers



The ElliTrack-W acoustic groundwater stan d logger consists of a sensor and a data logger. The logger fits into a 2 'monitoring well. The sensor has a diameter of 23 mm and fits in monitoring wells of 32 mm.

The sensor engages in the monitoring well, the logger can be placed in the well, or outside it. The logger transmits the measured data with a configurable interval to ElliTrack.nl.

The ElliTrack-W using an acoustic pulse to determine the distance between the measuring head and the groundwater. At the measuring head is fixed a measuring tube. The measuring tube must at all times stabbing in the groundwater. The minimum measuring approx 35 cm, the maximum measuring approx 4 meters. Thus, can therefore be a variation in the ground water level of about 3.65 meters can be measured.

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