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Xcalibur XRF Services

- Desktop X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


Engineered to meet the growing demand for concise qualitative and quantitative analysis of solids, liquids and powders, the ElvaX delivers the precision and accuracy of expensive stationary lab spectrometers for a fraction of the price of comparable performance systems.

Capable of detecting Na (11) – U (92) in a wide range of elemental concentrations, the ElvaX provides ultimate versatility for a vast array of modern industrial and scientific applications in which elemental composition has to be known in a matter of minutes. With a completely automated measuring process and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the ElvaX is simple to operate for even the novice user. No timeconsuming specimen preparation is required, and samples may be of any shape.

For the past decade this unique tool has been extensively used in North America, Europe, Russia, Middle East, India and many other countries worldwide

  • Metals & Metallurgy: Control of pre-production raw material, quality control and incoming inspection of a wide range of alloy material; Steel, Brass, Nickel alloys, etc.
  • Cement & Build Materials: Testing the composition of various construction materials including cement, pressuretreated wood, steel, limestone, clay & other raw material
  • Precious Metals & Jewelry: Gold, Platinum & Silver refinement testing, as well as determining precious metal content of finished products.
  • Cosmetics: Testing for Titanium and Zinc in sunscreen; Iron, Titanium, and Zinc in base makeup; and toxic metal contamination.
  • Environmental: Soil, Water & Particle analysis testing for metals and hazardous materials.
  • Art & Archeological: Analysis of material content, to determine authenticity and place of origin.
  • RoHS Testing: Test for RoHS restricted elements Pb (Lead), Hg (Mercury), Cd (Cadmium), Cr (Chromium), Br (Bromine) in a wide range of materials.
  • Petroleum Applications: Sulfur in oils, fuels, gasoline, & coal. Waste oil, waste fuel oil, and lubricating oils testing for a wide range of elements.
  • Toys & Consumer Products: Testing for Pb (Lead) & Cd (Cadmium) contamination in the PPM range for a wide range of consumer products.
  • Mineral and Mineral Products: Geological applications, raw minerals and mineral products like cement.

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