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- ARC-Shield Face Protection


An arc flash hazard is a dangerous condition associated with the release of energy caused by an electric arc. This explosive condition includes a broad spectrum of electromagnetic energy, plasma, fragments and a spray of molten materials. Key Benefits: Protection value (ATPV) for Elvex FS-18ARC10 Shield is 8 cal/cm². Protection value (ATPV) for Elvex FS-20ARC10 Shield is labeled 10 cal/cm². This model is equipped with chin protector. New model (FS-20ARC10), with test report rating of 12.5 cal/cm². 

Test report shows that this shield actually did not burn through until they were expose to 16 cal/cm². In spite of this rating, only use shields in hazard/risk categories as shown in the table below. Shield marking will remain 10 cal/cm². Shields come with standard anti-fog coating. Shields fit Elvex Visor Bracket (VB-10, VB-20, VB-30) for mounting to safety caps. Face and hearing protection can be used simultaneously on safety caps. Elvex system can be adapted to most major brands of slotted safety caps.

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