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The SBS raingauge is the result of over 3 years extensive fieldwork into determining the optimum design for accurate rainfall measurement in all climatic conditions, irrespective of wind speed and type of precipitation (e.g. drizzle or heavy, convective or tropical rain). The unique design and aerodynamic shape of the SBS raingauge increases measurement accuracy by capturing more rainfall than traditionally shaped cylindrical gauges, minimising outsplash and reducing rainfall losses caused by evaporation.

The funnel of the gauge is made from 2.5mm thick powder coated aluminium while the base is manufactured in LM6 marine grade aluminium. The gauge can therefore be installed in extremely hostile conditions. A version with internal heaters is also available for cold climate installations.

The gauge is compatible with all modern loggers and event recorders including any of our ISODAQ loggers or telemetry loggers. Two reed switches are fitted as standard giving the option of monitoring the gauge on an additional channel if required or alternatively for use as a control output.

  • SBS500 0.2mm tip gauge with
  • SBS500H 0.2mm tip gauge with and heater
  • SBS1000 0.1mm tip gauge with
  • SBS1000H 0.1mm tip gauge with and heater

  • Operating Temperature - -30deg C to +55deg C
  • Funnel Rim Height - 440mm
  • Reed Contact Rating - 50 watts (dc resistive)
  • Output - contact closure
  • Reed Supply Voltage - 100V dc maximum
  • Weight - 6 kgs
  • Reed Supply Current - 1A maximum
  • Internal bubble level - for accurate installation
  • Typical Accuracy
    • 98%+ at 20mm per hour
    • 96%+ at 50mm per hour
    • 95%+ at 120mm per hour
    • 0.1mm or better at 5mm per hour

  • 12V supply
    • heaters off - 12mA typical
    • heaters on - 2.2A typical
  • 24V supply
  • heaters off - 15mA typical
  • heaters on - 1.1A typical
  • Heaters activated by internal thermostat when temperature in enclosure falls to 1deg C and de-activated when temperature rises to 4deg C

  • Aerodynamic tipping bucket raingauge
  • Conforms to British Standard design specification
  • Internal bubble level - for accurate installation
  • Choice of 0.1 or 0.2mm tip size
  • Contact closure digital output
  • Optional internal heater
  • Connects to all ISODAQ loggers and telemetry loggers

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