MST Maschinenbau GmbH

MST Maschinenbau GmbH

Model EMA - Erosion Control Blankets



Placing customers’ wishes into the focus of attention in association with innovations leads to an increase of productiveness and quality improvement and therefor MST is the leader in the construction of complete production lines for manufacturing stitched erosion control blankets.



  1. Feed Table
  2. Bale Opener
  3. Conveying Fan
  4. Fleece Laying Machine
  5. Stitching Machine
  6. Cutting System
  7. Winder

Erosion control blankets are a simple and cheap method to stop erosion and enhance vegetation. The blankets are made out of biodegradable fibres (e. g. straw, coir, excelsior, hemp) fixed with one or two nettings.

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