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EmiFlex is our latest generation of additive based particulate filter systems that is a unique further development of our previous particulate filter systems.

EmiFlex is a modular total solution that comprises:

  • Physical flexibility - optimum adaptability to any vehicle compact solution.
  • More active and passive regeneration methods that ensure high operations stability.
  • A particulate filter made of silicon carbide based on well documented and patented technologies. 
  • An advanced silencer in stainless (AISI 304) and stained steel that secures an especially good sound reduction and low back pressure to the engine.
  • A semi-automatic dosing system with integrated back pressure monitoring and status indicator, which monitors the operation of the particulate filter
  • An additive container with enough capacity that often only needs to be refilled in connection with service check up of the vehicle.
  • None additive systems with catalyst or catalyst coated filter. These systems also reduce up to 99 % Hydrocarbone and Carbon monooxide.
  • SCR systems for NOx reduction can be added to EmiFlex system. These systems reduce up to 90 % NOx. 

EmiFlex replacing the existing silencer gives at least the same sound reduction and removes more than 99 % of the hazardous soot particles from the diesel exhaust - also the most hazardous ultra fine particles.

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