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- Model OS120 - Optical Sorters


The EMS Optical Sorter processes product using a photodetector, camera with sophisticated programming technology paired with accurate separation modules. The sorter will simply determine how much light is reflected off the object. It will accept or reject the item depending on how reflective it is.


  • This new generation of sorting systems can “LOOK”, use of photo detector (Light sensors) and identify materials according to their type. Redirecting the material for a cleaner end product.
  • This system can be arranged in vertical or horizontal configurations to perform multiple sizing and specific material separations.
  • With analyses capacity of up to 16 feet wide, the Eagle vision optical sorting system offer a variety of possible combinations for waste recoveries under ONE camera.
  • Sophisticated programing technology paired with accurate separation modules allows the Eagle Vision system to sort and separate a variety of materials using one camera system, with the ability to make several production cuts per system.
  • The optical sorting system has been specifically designed for sorting C & D, and co-mingled material, including OCC, PE coloured, PE natural, PET, PVC, Tetra and more!


  • Improves quality of output
  • Sorting of a wide variety of materials
  • Extremeley fast payback
  • Very low running costs
  • Programmable Output
  • Can be slotted into existing lines


  • Wood Sorting
  • Metal Sorting
  • Plastics Sorting
  • C&D Sorting
  • Organic / Non Organic Sorting
  • Co-Mingled
  • RDF

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