Model EN 14470-1 - Safety Cabinets for Flammable and Explosive Products



The new European norm came into effect in October 2004, concerns the storage of flammable products in laboratories. It also only concerns the safety cabinets which internal volume is equivalent or less than 1m3.

1. Fire Protection
In case of fire, the safety cabinet shall assure that, for at least 15 minutes, the contents of the cabinet do not contribute to any additional risks or spread of fire.

A fire safety storage cabinet shall be classified as one of the types listed below :

  • Type 15 : Minimum Fire Resistance of 15 min
  • Type 30 : Minimum Fire Resistance of 30 min
  • Type 60 : Minimum Fire Resistance of 60 min
  • Type 90 : Minimum Fire Resistance of 90 min

2. Spill Containment Sump
A spill containment sump shall be installed underneath the lowest storage level. The sump shall have :

  • a minimum capacity of 10% of the volume of all containers stored in the cabinet
  • or at least, 110% of the volume of the largest single container, whichever is the greater.

3. Construction
The doors of the cabinet must be fully self-closing from any position. The side and back walls must be of the same thickness and comparable construction. Requirements are given in respect of the construction of the cabinet and its capacity to resist fire conditions from the outside (Fire test given in ISO 834-1 and EN 1363-1).

4. Marking and Labelling
The following inscriptions shall be stuck on the cabinet front in a suitable and visible place :

  • The appropriate warning sign for “Caution: risk of fire” and the appropriate prohibition sign for “Fire: Open light and smoking” according to ISO 3864 (all parts).
  • The fire capability, specified in minutes, e.g. Type 15, 30, 60 or 90.
  • Advice that the door(s) must remain closed when not in use.
  • Name and/or trademark of the manufacturer.
  • Maximum volume of a single container, in relation with the sump capacity, to be stored in the cabinet.
  • Maximum shelf load.

5. Fire Test
All cabinets described in this brochure have been tested and approved according to EN 14470-1 (04/2004).

The tests have been carried out by an independent European laboratory.

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