EN Rx, Inc.

- Support Platform (SP)


Used with Vertebrae or other subsurface infrastructure. SP is a self-contained, solar-powered, remotely operating and communications-ready device for site assessment and remediation. It is programmable for pulling gas/water samples for analysis or actual treatment and in reverse can inject reagents.

The EN Rx SP™ is a self-contained, solar-powered, remotely operated and communications-ready device for managing site assessment and/or reagent injection needs.

In the assessment mode, the unit can be enabled with a vacuum module to extract gas or liquid samples from VertebraeTM Wells, or as necessary other access infrastructure. Data management accessories are included such as touch screen viewing and remote access and control.

In the injection mode, the unit can be enabled with a pump module. Reagents can then be mixed or diluted in a programmed fashion as an alternative to the logistics and expense of field visitation to inject large volumes of reagents at one time; avoids drawbacks such as geochemical disturbances and daylighting.

  • Injection of any liquid or gas amendments (bio, nutrient, surfactant, reductive, binding, oxidative, buffers, ozone, co2 and o2, nitrogen, o2……) up to 3 different amendments simultaneously flash mixed.
  • Extraction of groundwater or vapors for sampling and treatment using plug and play pumps.
  • Flows up to 1 gpm.
  • 18 channels standard. Modular larger screen sites just use multiple systems.
  • 10 watts power consuption. Solar power system is standard.
  • Touch screen and plc controlled.
  • Tank, pressure and flow sensors standard.
  • Web enabled with cellular service on board. Allows users to be virtually at the site.
  • Additional features available

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