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- Non-Contact UV Disinfection system


Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is designed with the UV lamps kept separate from the water. The system is designed with water flowing through light transmitting AFP™ tubes and with the UV lamps placed on the outside of the tubes.


Enaqua's in-house engineering team support you by designing the right and most cost-effective UV disinfection system. Our modular design base enables us to deliver high quality and flexibility in design while still balancing cost and operation considerations. Our compact design approach reduces our total UV installation CAPEX with up to 20% compared to the rest of the market.

Best solution for you is our ambition! Enaqua designs its Non-Contact UV systems around your requirements. Even at very stringent permit limits, challenging water qualities or site specific limitations including hydraulics and flow variables Enaqua is your partner. Our customized UV disinfection systems are proven from as small as 0.03 MGD (5m3/h) up to virtually unlimited flows with modules in parallel.


CAPEX Comparison Enaqua – Market
The total UV installation CAPEX for Enaqua solutions are up to 20% lower compared to other UV systems in the market.

Reduced Replacement Costs
Easy Retrofit
Our UV disinfection system has a simple and compact design that can be customized so that it fits into existing chlorine contact chambers.

Quick & Easy Integration High Customization of Software
Enaqua's Ensure Dosing System (EDS) is developed to accomodate simple integration into plant SCADA system.  All information can be accessed via a web-browser interface.


Low Installation Cost

Reduced Civil Work
Enaqua takes pride in always providing preassembled UV disinfection systems that require minimal onsite installation efforts.

High Quality & Flexibility in Design

Modular Design Base
All of Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are built out of standard modules with high customization flexibility. This design enables Enaqua to provide consistent high product quality, price competitive design, while still being able to customize the right UV disinfection system for you.


Enaqua's Non-Contact UV disinfection system is designed to exceed performance expectations. We apply our 25 years of experience to match your requirements even if it comes to challenging water qualities such as low UV transmission and site specific limitations. Enaqua's specially designed Ensure Dosing System (EDS) provides in depth monitoring of the UV system and guarantees uniform UV exposure.

Enaqua ensures best fit and performance, from simple and predictable pipe hydraulics to uniform UV exposure and intelligent monitoring and control of the UV system – even if it comes to challenging water qualities and site specific limitations.

Predictable Bacteria Killing

Uniform UVExposure
Uniform UV exposure is essential in water and wastewater treatment, in order to ensure reliable and sufficient disinfection. Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV system is designed so that the water flows through transparent tubes with the UV lamps placed on the outside surrounding the tubes. This design enables the Germicidal UV light to penetrate the water from various angles and with high and accurate consistency which guarantees the UV disinfection performance.

In contrast to normal channelized flow, Enaqua's UV systems are designed to take advantage of the naturally turbulent flow in pipes to not only increase disinfection efficacy, but also to keep the tubes clean...just like in nature, turbulent flow in a river keeps rocks and 
stones clean.


Guaranteed UV Performance In Low Quality Water

High Efficiency Fouling Resistant AFP Tubes
Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV systems are designed with fouling resistant AFP™ (Activated Fluoropolymer) tubes guaranteeing UV disinfection performance in applications as low as 15% UV transmission. Enaqua's unique tubing formulation not only provides for the most effective utilization of UV light, but also resists fouling.

Intelligent Monitoring

Simple Troubleshooting and Controls
Enaqua has developed its software over the last decade with continuous  focus on daily operation to make it as simple as possible to operate. Enaqua's Ensure Dosing System (EDS) and its attached devices simplify operation, maintenance and troubleshooting. Enaqua's software provides in depth information about the entire system such as lamp status, lamp life, minor and major alarms, and flow levels, while making intelligent system operational decisions based on preset guidelines.


Site Specific Design

Inspired By People Who Use Our Solution Every Day
Every plant location is different. Enaqua can accommodate most hydraulic requirements, water qualities, dimensional issues, and environmental considerations. Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are inspired by the many people we have worked with. Enaqua customizes your UV disinfection system in accordance with the needs of the rest of your treatment plant.


Enaqua’s UV disinfection system has the industry’s lowest operation and maintenance costs. Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is designed without the use of expensive amalgam lamps and quartz sleeves providing a lamp replacement time of less than 1 minute. Intelligent Flow & Level Pacing and the use of non-amalgam LPHO lamps provide energy savings up to 60%.

Time to relax while saving money! Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection systems are designed so that the water does not make contact with quartz glass, or any of the electronics. With no quartz sleeves to replace, no extra cleaning apparatus and no need for chemicals in the cleaning process, the man hours for maintenance and cost of replacement parts is a small fraction of traditional Ultraviolet (UV) treatment costs. The intelligence in Enaqua’s solutions further provide significant energy savings.


Optimized Solution Lifetime Longevity in Design
The tubes through which the water flows in Enaqua’s UV disinfection system are produced using a fouling resistant AFP™ (Activated Fluoropolymer) material that has been specifically designed for the purpose. The tubes have a fouling resistant smooth surface and are robust, flexible, chemically stable and fracture resistant which allow for years of guaranteed UV disinfection performance. The tubes are permanently integrated into the Enaqua’s UV disinfection system and never need to be replaced under normal operating conditions.


Reduced Man Hours For Cleaning

Fouling Resistant AFP Tubes
Enaqua's UV disinfection system is highly self-cleaning due to the turbulent flow of the water in the tubes and the smooth surface of the AFP™ tubes. Cleaning of Enaqua's UV disinfection systems is therefore extremely simple to perform.

More Safety

No Need for Cleaning Mechanism and Chemicals
Enaqua’s UV disinfection systems are designed with fouling resistant AFP™ tubes that resist mineral scaling. The design therefore allows for reliable disinfection without expensive and labor intensive techniques such as chemicals, special designed cleaning apparatus or disassembling. Transportation, storage, and handling of toxic chemicals is rendered obsolete with Enaqua's Non-Contact UV solution reducing the cleaning costs significantly.


Quick Lamp Replacement

Non-Submerged Lamp Design Without Quartz-Sleeves
Changing lamps in Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is similar to changing a fluorescent lamp in an office lamp fixture. This is due to the fact that Enaqua’s UV lamps are not submerged in water and therefore do not have to be covered in quartz-sleeves, which simplifies the total system design. Each lamp takes less than 1 minute to change and does not require interruption of the hydraulic flow, shut down, or bypassing of the UV system.


Low Lamp Expenses

Non-Amalgam LPHO Lamps
Enaqua’s UV treatment costs are kept low with the use of Non-Amalgam Low Pressure High Output (LPHO) lamps. These lamps are considerably less expensive and allow for a more robust ballast design.

Demand Driven Lamp Usage

Intelligent Flow & Level Pacing
Enaqua's Non-Contact UV solutions can be flow and level paced via Enaqua's Flow & Level Pacing system. The system automatically turns on only the lamps which are required, thereby saving lamp and ballast life and radically reducing power consumption compared to Contact-UV systems that use 'dimming'.

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