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Model Encapsulated 0-Rings - Elastomer Ring


The FEP O-ring (Fig. 1) can be described as an elastomer ring that is encapsulated by a seamless FEP. FEP is a per-fluorinated polymer of excellent chemical resistance, similar to that of PTFE. FEP is an economic alternative wherever the chemical resistance of the standard elastomers is insufficient.

Defining the dimensions and order sizes

Inside diameter d1
Cross section d2

FEP O-rings are available in the same dimensions as elastomer O-rings. Due to the FEP shell, and depending upon the different cross section, the minimal values of the inside diameter dl must be maintained. Table 1 lists the respective limit values.

Sealing effect
The sealing effect of the FEP O-ring is the result of the axial or radial compression of the ring's cross section when it is installed, similar to that of the elastomer O-ring. However, on account of the FEP encapsulated, FEP O-rings have less elasticity.

Fields of application
FEP O-rings are used in many different technical areas. On account of the good chemical resistance, physiological harmlessness and the fact that they can be sterilized they are widely used in the chemical and petrochemical, food and medical industries.

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