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End Suction Heavy Duty Open & Enclosed Impeller Pumps


Smart Turner Pumps Inc End Suction Pumps are available as enclosed or open impeller models in a proven, uncomplicated, heavy duty design which lends itself to the inclusion of special features, including back pull-out with a spacer coupling. Enclosed Impeller: Smart Turner Enclosed Impeller Pumps are ideally suited to plant service requirements where continuous, high efficiency, trouble free operation is required. Open Impeller: Smart Turner Open Impeller Pumps are quality built for rugged duty, particularly where the fluid is corrosive, abrasive, or dirty, or where continuous, low down-time operation is essential.

Smart Turner End Suction Pumps are produced in a range of 37 models with only four power frame sizes. A highly efficient parts inventory is made possible through extensive interchangeability of parts for pumps sharing the same frame size.

Depending on the application and rating, sizes are available to 10 x 8 x 16, capacities to 4000 USGPM, heads to 400 ft., and speeds to 3600 Rpm.

Other Smart Turner Pump catalogues and products to meet your remaining pumping needs are outlined on the inside back cover.

Open Impeller Construction Materials

  • All Iron*
  • All Stainless Steel**
  • Titanium
  • Alloy 20**
  • Monel
  • Ni Resist

Enclosed Impeller Construction Materials

  • All Iron*
  • Cast Iron, Bronze Fitted*
  • Any other castable machinable alloy can be considered.
  • CD4MCuN
  • Duplex grades
  • Super Duplex Grades

Whatever fluids you pump, Smart Turner has the background and technology to help you meet your needs effectively and efficiently with quality designed and built pumps. Smart Turner has established an enviable reputation for reliability while pumping chemicals, oil, beverages, slurries or sewage...almost any liquid known to man.

For over 100 years, Smart Turner has been dealing with and solving pumping problems throughout the world. This in-depth experience, coupled with modern computer technology at every level from concept to shipping, is available to you through our sales and engineering personnel, coast to coast.

At Smart Turner, pumps are our only business, designed through experience to provide consistent performance and minimum maintenance. A wide range of sizes and types allows us to match the right pump to your specific application.

Casting: A radially split first stage volute with integral suction cover and 125/250 psi ANSI flat faced flanged connections, ruggedly designed with generous allowance for abrasion and corrosion. The casing is precisely machined to ensure minimum and consistent clearance between it and the impeller.

Impeller: Cast in one piece, the impeller is trimmed to the exact diameter required and is factory balanced. The heavy section of the impeller provides excellent wear and corrosion allowance. The clearance between the impeller and casing is factory set to ensure optimum performance and no field adjustment is required. The impeller is keyed to the shaft and secured by a locknut. Both impeller designs result in axial hydraulic balance and low stuffing box pressure - the enclosed impeller by means of balancing holes through the eye - the open impeller inherently, or with pump out vanes when necessary.

Stuffing Box Cover: A heavy one piece casting with rabbeted flange for positive alignment. The deep bore will accept a wide range of packings or mechanical seals.

Gland: Split for packed stuffing boxes and solid for mechanical seals, the gland can be provided in a variety of arrangements to suit the application.

Shaft: Precision machined high quality alloy shaft is normally fitted with a renewable sleeve, and is sized to minimize deflection to ensure smooth operation and maximum packing for seal life.

Bearing: Standard grease lubricated ball bearings are rated for 2 years minimum service at full load and speed. Oil lubrication, with or without cooling, is available.

Power Frame: A one piece casting which is precision machined to assure accurate bore and rotating element alignment. It has integral feet for maximum rigidity and an integral gland drip reservoir.

Interchangeability: All pumps utilize a common bearing housing and have interchangeable bearings, packings, seals, glands and hardware, resulting in efficient parts inventory at the factory for the customer.

Tests: All pumps are hydrostatically tested to 100 psi above the maximum design pressure.

Base: A rigid channel or fabricated base can be provided to our standard for electric motor drives. Special bases can be provided and can incorporate grout holes, drip rims and other features.

Guard: A coupling guard to our standard can be mounted on the base-plate. Special guards can be accommodated.

Flexible Coupling: For normal duty, our current standard is provided when a coupling is ordered. However, couplings of almost any style or manufacture can be accommodated.

Motors: An electric motor or other driver can be provided.

  • Wear Rings: Casings and impellers can be provided with wear rings. However, these are not recommended except for special applications or circumstances.
  • Close Coupled: All models except the largest sizes can be provided as close coupled, motor mounted units.

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