Enduro Composites

- Model 12.0 x 1 1/4 - Fiberglass R-Panel



For demanding structural and environmental conditions, Tuff Span FRP building panels deliver unsurpassed performance as industrial roofing and siding. In FRP materials, strength and stiffness is determined by the alignment and amount of its glass fiber reinforcements. For effective reaction and transfer of loads, Tuff Span is constructed with high reinforcing content placed in straight and continuous, bidirectional alignment. As a result, Tuff Span has higher strength and stiffness of any profiled FRP building panel and history of standing up to hurricane winds where aged metal, cementious, and other materials have failed. Providing personnel safety, Tuff Span series 450 is the standard for walkable, FRP roofing.

To resist attack from aggressive chemical exposure, Tuff Span is formulated with premium resin systems, Iso-Polyester or Vinyl Ester. Extended and superior UV protection is provided by an exterior acrylic coating, UV stabilized resin, embossed resinrich surface, and interior mat or veil. A wide range of profiles are available in opaque colors or translucent for natural light transmission.

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Strongest FRP Building Panel
  • 4-Level UV Protection
  • Fire Retardant
  • Low Thermal Expansion
  • Opaque/Translucent Colors

  • Life-Cycle Cost Savings
  • Maintenance-Free Life
  • Light Transmission Option
  • Walkable Roof Option
  • Improved Appearance

  • Roofing & Siding Panels
  • Roof & Form Deck
  • Insulated Panel Assembly
  • Tank Covers & Lagging
  • Cooling Tower Casing

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