- Wind Measuring Systems



The wind potential of a site could be measured by using a complete wind measuring system, that consists of a data logger, a wind vane and one to three anemometers for different heights wind speed recording (see photos). The data logger records the actual wind speed and calculates statistical values such as maximum, minimum and average wind speed, standard deviation, etc. The recording data are saved in the internal memory of the data logger and their acquisition could be done.

  • through a Data Transport Device (DTG): this way requires the visit of the site
  • through GPRS modem: the recorded data are sent in a protected server in internet
  • through GPS modem: the recorded data are saved in your computer

The aeolog data logger system is an example of meteorological instrument, with the following capabilities:

  • Wind speed recording, using two anemometers of different heights.
  • Wind direction recording.
  • Atmospheric temperature recording.
  • Solar radiation intensity recording.

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