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Energy Technology


Pure common sense dictates that we become thriftier with the amount of energy we use and the harmful greenhouse gases emitted in the course of providing goods or services. That simple perspective opens a vast opportunity to rethink the infrastructure of civilization: from silicon mining to solar-powered mobile devices, higher-output energy plants to smarter home appliances, and everything between.

But we know that in the real-world marketplace, environmental virtue alone just doesn’t make the sale. A compelling product must reduce costs and increase energy efficiency with zero increase in risk. Your prospective customers may be hardworking homeowners or hard-hatted industrial pros. Either way, they’ll need to be confident that your company is, or is fast becoming, a trustworthy partner. We can help you reach out and credibly demonstrate that your innovation is faster, re-usable, longer lasting, or simply serves them better.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Generation
  • Smart Grid
  • Storage
  • Biofuels
  • Green Building
  • Efficiency
  • Transportation
  • Financing
  • Water

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