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- Automatic Aluminum Extrusion Baler



The PLC mode three ram compacting scrap aluminum extrusion balers prefect for compacting scrap aluminum, scrap metals, steel shavings into the best size 19.6'*19.6' mm. the baler comes with SIEMENS motor, SIEMENS electrical and SIEMENS PLC. which makes the baler works stable , non stopping for 24 hours. SMB series Scrap Metal Balers also named metal baler and scrap metal compactor are applicable in steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous &non-ferrous smelting industry to press metalscraps( scrap steel, scrap cars , scrap copper, scrap aluminum, scraps stainless steel, discarded automobiles, metal sheet, steels scrap iron) into acceptbale furnace charges ( shaps: cuboid, cylinder or octagon), so as to reduce cost of transportation to speed up furnace charging).

Bale Weight is 132kgs

  • Robust making for structure ,we use high quality steel material for welding 
  • The machine designed by our england engineer who design machines for more than 25 years 
  • Machine comes with siemens brand motor,which keeps working for more than 24 hours no stopping 
  • Machines comes with top brand machinery parts like NOK,PARKER etc which guarantee the machine long life using 
  • Safety protection for moving parts,making sure safety for machines and operators 
  • The baler comes with hydraulic hand valve ,for easy and fast operate

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