Enerpat Group UK Ltd

- Hopper Type Automatic Light Metal Baler

The ENERPAT Hopper style automatic light metal baler prefect for fast pressing for : aluminum cans,steel cans,light scrap metal into density bales. we have 4 models,pressing force from 200 tons to 225 tons. bale weight from 25kgs to 100kgs. the machine can produce 60 bales in one hour. the motor power from 30kw to 74kw .

  • Big feeding hopper
  • automatic running,one button operation
  • strong structure
  • top quality machine configuration
  • CE,ISO certification

Model: AMB-H1075

Motor Power:30 kw

Press Chamber: 1000x750 mm

Bale Size: 300x300 mm

Bale Weight: 25 kgs

Capacity: 60 bales/h

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