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- Model AMB2525 - Automatic Metal Baler



The automatic balers AMB Series are the best solution for scrap dealers but also for industries to directly manage the metal waste. These models are continuous-feed compacting balers, ideal to compact scrap metal from industrial processes: steel turnings, mixed scrap, tin cans, steel from recycled tires and so on. The Enerpat automatic balers process the metal waste in fully automated mode with a continuous cycle of baling and ejection. Automatic balers are able to compact the metal scraps into high-density bales, solving the problem of themetals disposal.

Power Pack

  • Pump: Rated Displacement: 63
  • Motor: Rated Power :15kw

Main Technical Specification

  • Press Chamber: 1200×700×600mm
  • Bale Size: 250×250mm
  • Bale Weight: 40-50kgs
  • Output: 1.2-1.4tons/hour
  • Voltage: R415V
  • Frequency: 50Hz


  • Overall Length: 3200mm
  • Overall Width: 2100mm
  • Overall Height: 2000mm
  • Shipping Weight: 4.8tons
  • Container Loading: 1×20”Gp

Service Capacities

  • Oil Tank: 500 Liter
  • Hydraulic Oil: U.S Mobil D.T.E46

  • Car Body Pieces
  • 210 Liter Oil Drums
  • IBC
  • Stainless Scrap
  • Mixed Light Scrap Metals
  • Tin Cans
  • Scrap Aluminum Window
  • Scrap Steel Wire
  • Scrap Copper Wire
  • Steel Sheets
  • Steel Roof
  • Steel Shavings
  • Shred Scrap Steel
  • Non Ferrous Metal

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